'...the damage has already been done.'

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Dear Garga,

This is to place on record (as it needs to be done) my grateful thanks for the very principled and fraternal stand you have taken on the issue of the refusal of the Censor Board to give a ‘U’ certificate to my documentary, A Tale of Four Cities.  Your letters to the editors of various newspapers, and more particularly your open letter to the Chairman of the Censor Board, will remain memorable episodes in the struggle for freeing the creative film-makers from the stranglehold of bureaucratic, unenlightened and reactionary censorship.

This particular documentary may eventually get past the Censors due to the campaign that we have launched (though the damage has already been done. As the FAB and Films Division will scarcely touch a film which has raised such a public controversy), but as I see it, it will be a long and arduous struggle. You can count me among your comrades and allies in this struggle which is part of the campaign to get the necessary freedom in which artistes can breathe and work and create.

With affectionate regards

K.A. Abbas



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