'...you are 'audaciously' punctual'

  • July 1969
  • 148 Words

Dear Mr. Garga

I am told that you are expected here at 4 p.m. and I am assured that you are ‘atrociously’ punctual. But I am in a hurry and am leaving Bombay early morning tomorrow. Back to Calcutta. Shall return to Bombay on July 23rd.

A piece of news: Bhuvan Shome (1969) is an entry in the Venice Festival. Dr. Bhattacharya and his wife Francis have done the French translation and the film will be subtitled by Ranko. Sadhu Meher, Mahajan’s friend, will be looking after the work here. If he needs any help, Sadhu, particularly in finding the ‘types’, kindly help him.

Incidentally the shooting of my latest film – one for Children’s Film Society - is complete. I hope to produce a final rough cut by July 22


Mrinal Sen

'...among the alienated audience in Europe'

  • 87 Words

My dear Garga,

Our film was screened here. The response was tremendous.

I feel so enormously flattered – important!

For overseas exploitation, which is the only hope, I depend largely on you.

The theme of alienation, to my mind, should do well among the sophisticated audience in Europe.

Please write to me whenever you feel you should. From my side I assure you I will be a good correspondent.


Mrinal Sen


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