'...c/o Fritz Lang, 1501, Summit Drive...'

  • March 1st, 1966
  • 178 Words


Dear Mr.Garga,

Tomorrow I shall be flying off to Hollywood, c/o Fritz Lang, 1501, Summit Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. for one month, in order to begin my book on him; then I shall visit Mrs. Kawakita in Japan, go to Angkor Vat after that, then stay for a few days in India - New Delhi, Calcutta - and if you are there also, if possible on my flight, to Bombay.

It will be between April 12 and 15th till 20th, I suppose. I shall be very glad to meet you. Please drop me a line to Fritz Lang’s place.

I hope Krishna Riboud brought you my Murnau book I gave her for you.

All the best in the meantime,

Yours sincerely,
Lotte H.Eisner

'...it is a thrilling experience.'

  • March 31st, 1966
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Dear Mr. Garga,

I leave from her on April 12th. Stay about 8 days at Mme. Kawakita c/o Towa Film company - Japan and then go for 2 days to Calcutta and will then be for 2 days in Bombay.

Kashiko Kawakita was an influential film curator whose example demonstrates how the participation of the elite can be instrumental in the institution of a framework of cinephilia.

I shall write you from Japan when it will be as I shall know better my projects then.

It is a thrilling experience.

All the best,
Lotte H.Eisner

'...I look forward to hearing all about it...'

  • March 24, 1966
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Dear Mme. Eisner,

You must forgive me for the delay in replying to your short note from Paris. I am indeed very pleased that you would soon be coming to India. If I know your exact programme, I shall certainly stay on in Bombay during the period that you would be here. Besides, we could also arrange a press conference for you, which would be mutually useful.

I have requested the Times of India to host your stay in Bombay and I am sure they would be pleased to do so, provided we can give them a week’s notice. So please do let me know your programme. Your stay in Hollywood must have been an exciting one. I look forward to hearing all about it when you pay us a visit. Please remember me to Mr. Fritz Lang, whom I had the pleasure of meeting with Henri Langlois in Paris and again in Mannheim.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

'...shall cable flight...'

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From Lotte Eisner



From Mrs. Kawakita